Warmth and Hospitality During Winter in Greece

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Changing of the seasons is a spectacular natural phenomenon and winter in Greece is exceptionally beautiful. This is the best time for enjoying the wonderfully snow covered northern mountainous areas that are ready for skiing, exploring, romance, relaxation and amazement. Holiday and ski packages are available and allow for a wide variety of activities on the slopes or within the cities. With such remarkable beauty this is a wonderful time to utilize off season travel and vacation opportunities throughout Greece. Intimately grasping the many money saving travel and tour ideas available during this time of year, when so much of the islands are full of winter pleasure. Booking a winter trip to Greece for business events, weddings, honeymoons or family vacations can be fully organized or customized entirely for your party.

During the winter months ski vacation and holiday packages are abundantly available and are perfect for every type of event. There are many cultural and seasonal activities attractive to single tourists, visiting couples and families from around the world. There are spectacular holiday events throughout December and January and the skiing is magnificent throughout February and sometimes well into April. The atmosphere is comfortable and heartwarming and the tours throughout Greece are spectacular and peaceful during this time of year.

Parnassos Ski Center is extremely popular and offers a fantastic array of services and activities for the entire family. The magnificent terrain is awesome and there are slopes for skiers of every skill level. The name and difficulty level of each slope is clearly marked for the safety of every skier. Parnassos Ski Center is securely run and maintained with all safety measures thoroughly covered. Ground and air lifts are perfectly maintained and probably have the best prices available. There is a ski school, equipment rental and store that are conveniently accessible for the convenience and safety of each visitor. There is a lovely restaurant, and while dining visitors can take in the winter view of these lovely snow covered mountains. There is an extremely accommodating and creative preschool for children through weekends and holidays. This is an amazing ski center and accommodations are found in several nearby luxury chalets, villas and hotels.

The stunning Parnassos Delphi Hotel is nearby and the rooms and suites are absolutely gorgeous. This is a hotel with a distinct flair for the cultural style of Greece. The accommodations are fully and cheerfully maintained and the restaurant is exceptional with amazing food and service. Delphi is rich in art, archaeological marvels and welcoming accommodations with conscientious and caring service. Athens the capitol of the country is nearby and hosts a full variety of favorable accommodations. Athens shares an excitement with local tours, shopping, restaurants and a genuinely warm ambiance to experience throughout the days and during the evenings.

Arachova exhibits the tradition and genuine pleasures of a mountain village and is a magnificent destination for winter travel in Greece. The delightful architecture within Arachova reveals a healthy history of the rich land and strong people. The magical ambiance of this fascinating village never ends and visitors are amazed and surprised by something distinct and original everyday, especially when the countryside is covered with a sensational blanket of snow. In every direction there is something bright and majestic to see, absorb and enjoy. This is an enchanting environment with narrow roads and pure everlasting beauty in the air. Visitors are greeted with an uplifting and welcoming charm that is shared throughout the crisp beautiful days and engaging evenings. Located so closely to the Parnassos Ski Center Arachova offers rugged snow filled days of fun and excitement and evenings of lively nightlife, romance and/or relaxation. Arachova features the charming Alpen House which offers an outstanding variety of luxurious accommodations and the most remarkable views of a graceful and attractive land. The Alpen House is full of perfectly furnished rooms that are richly decorated and taken care of with attentive service. Dining is a fine experience at the Alpen House with cocktails and food to soothe every palette. The ambiance of the dining room is full of warmth and hospitality with gorgeous decor and the most magnificent view conceivable.

Alpen House can accommodate family events and vacations, weddings, honeymoons and corporate events, each with a distinct flair unique to your event and party. Amazing tours and activities in Delphi exhibit ancient ruins, historical museums and more for the enjoyment of the entire family. Athens also offers wonderful tours for entire families and groups. Athens is also a fantastic place for shopping, traditional dining and even dazzling nightlife and family entertainment. Professional, as well as impressive event organizers with an uncanny insight into romance and wedding preparation are available at the Alpen House with the desire to make dreams come true in an elegant and tasteful way. Executive meetings and company functions are truly welcomed with hospitality and professionalism at the Alpen House. Professional organizers, astonishing technical support and audio/video equipment are available within an extraordinarily organized and well serviced event.

Every destination within Greece will expose visitors to spectacular entertainment and attractions such as family oriented and extreme winter sports activities, valuable tours, live music, cruises, ancient and archaeological miracles and an authentic warmth and joy. Natural excellence can be discovered in Greece when standing in one place and turning 360 degrees to experience a spectacular and fascinating facet within every turn.

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