How to Play Golf in Rain

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Most golfers stay away from the game of golf in rainy season. However if you are addicted to this game, you might not even want to miss you golf even when its raining cats and dogs. But before getting out to play, you should take some precautions. Although I am not a golf professional, but I still play golf for fun and also have experience in playing in rain. I am giving some tips so you can enjoy your golf game as usual.

The most important thing is to keep your hands dry as you need to have a proper grim on clubs to make the appropriate swing. The solution is always keep few pieces of dry clothes in plastic bags to prevent it from being wet, this way you can use it to wipe your hands dry. A piece of towel to dry your hands and grips before playing the shot is a must. There are some rain gloves available in marked which are made of rubber and help you grip the club even in rain.

In addition to keeping your hands dry, you also need to make sure that your whole body is protected from rain. You can find a variety of water proof clothes in the market. But make sure to try some shots wearing those protection and see if it is not blocking your body swing as it may affect your game. Don’t get confused with water proof clothes and water resistant clothes, these two are completely different things. Head being the most important part, you have to get proper hats so that the rain water does not block your view and also protects you from the water.

The fairways and greens become wet in the rain, so your shots wont go long after it hits the ground. You need to adjust you shots accordingly. This means that your putts and chips need to be hit with some extra power than usual. Always carry an umbrella with you as it is the best protecting for you as well as your stuff. Your caddie will take care of these stuff while you are taking your shots. Make sure that you don’t get struck by lightning. I would suggest that you do not play if it is lightning out there with the rains.

I have talked enough about playing on real golf courses. There is another good way to enjoy golf without going out of your house in rain. Any guesses? Yes, you got it right. I am talking about Golf Simulators. Frankly speaking, these golf simulators never excited me. I was always aware of these simulators but never thought it could give you such great experience until I played on one. Getting a golf simulator in India was a pain. After doing a lot of research I could find only one golf simulator which was affordable and easily available in India. My experience with Bogolf golf simulator has been really good. They use high speed cameras to detect the ball and provide great accuracy. Now I do not go out even if its not raining and sky is clear. I am just too addicted to my simulator. Now I can enjoy the rain and wind while playing golf from my window without getting wet and staying away from the unconditional climate.

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