Hiring A Customs Broker When Shipping Commodities to Mexico

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Certification of Origin or making sure that the invoice and the packing list are filled out with the needed information.

You should find it imperative to think about the prohibitions and the general restrictions relating to commodities you may send when importing merchandise to Mexico. Keeping them in mind should teach you ways to steer clear of troubles. Furthermore, certain simple measures like for instance, stating a reduced value than $50 for the merchandise in a package or shipping numerous items with valuations of under $50 should help you save some money and prevent needless documents.

You must give particular attention if you are planning on mailing a shipment that needs wooden platforms, pallets or boxes, due to the fact that there are particular sorts which are authorized.

Should you be considering doing the job of an exporter agent to Mexico, you ought to genuinely look around and discover everything there is to know regarding the business, the rules, limitations and the policies. Possibly quicker would be to hire a shipper or a customs broker who would be a professional in import-export practices in Mexico and might be able to help you in sending items properly and in time. The money invested in a customs agent are worth every penny because whilst Mexico follows the North American Free Trade Agreement and a lot of steps are simplified, if one thing is erroneous in the records, the products may be trapped at the customs for a long time and you may fall short on the delivery time as well as the market.

You will get assistance in acquiring the harmonized system number for the distinct type of item you are mailing by acquiring the solutions of a customs specialist or the shipping and delivery company. These numbers are important if you are shipping commodities to Mexico simply because government bodies make a basis out of it to enforce taxes and other tariffs. These harmonized system numbers is currently a global standard and they may be 6 to 10 digits long. When sending commodities to Mexico, you'll usually need a number composed of 6 digits. As you can imagine, the list of things to be done is very tedious and figuring out the class that each merchandise belongs to is often a difficult activity that only a specialist will be able to carry out in a sensible time frame.

Regardless of whether or not you acquire the expertise of a middleman to assist you in importing commodities to Mexico, you will still have a lot to do alone.

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