Are Safelists Really Safe?

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Safeslists are mailing lists in which members agree to receive commercial emails from members. As long as you are a member of a certain safelist, you are safe to email your commercials to it. That is safe from spam abuse and email abuse. If a particular safelist, let's say, have 100 members, you will be receiving 100 commercials (including your own) in your inbox. To solve this, safelist will need two (2) of your email accounts. (1) the primary or contact email in which the admin can contact you, (2) the secondary or the mailing list account, the one that will receive all the commercials of the members.

Most safelists comes with two types of membership, others are just extending it but it comes down to two. The first type is free membership in which is set to send commercials once a week and the second type is paid membership set to send commercials on a daily basis.

Let's take a concrete example, how about a live working safelists. Weblord@Safelistbuilder and the other Weblord@Supersafelist I have set both to be both free and paid safelist membership site.

You can join for free on both safelists but in the long term it will be the expensive type of membership for you get to receive all member's commercial emails and you get to send and wait 1 week before you can send in your commercials once.

The other types of membership on it is paid membership where you get to enjoy the following: daily sending of your commercial emails to all members, you get to set your account on vacation so you don't get to receive any commercial ads, and you get commissions every time you refer a free member who upgrades to paid membership. It's only U.S.$19.95/yearly.

Later at the end of this article, you get to a free paid membership for one year so please read by.

Let's talk about the email accounts you can use in safelists. Under no circumstances if you can acquire or open up another two email accounts that will work better for you in the long term. Don't even use your real private, personal email when joining a safelist. To open up a free 25 email account, please go to and click on free email or go straight to for different domains other than such as,, and so on. The first free account will be for your primary and the other for the secondary, constantly check the primary for admin messages and special offers while the secondary you can just scan thru every 100 messages and delete if not satisfied with the subjects or offers. In this way, I've helped you not to be bombarded with offers and commercial emails on your personal email account. So see, just by reading this free article you get to enjoy lots of freebies and commercial tools that you can actually use and benefit from. To benefit more, please go to For more freebies, please go here

Now to get your free pro for one year membership on both safelists: and simply join them first for free and you can right away send in your commercial ads. After joining both of them, do the following: (1) go to syndicate any of my data feeds there, login to your account or and click on my yahoo buttons and syndicate all or as many as you like, also you can get the url for the syndicated content, put it in and place the .rss button on your websites pages; (2) email me at with Subject:Are Safelists Really Safe? with your userid used in both safelists (it can be the same for easy remembrance), primary email and secondary email (must be both ending in or one of domains found on ) , your profile for me to see your syndicated content that will contain either 1 or more of my original contents and wait within 12 to 24 hours and your account will be upgraded to paid or pro membership within a year.

For more free safelists, and yes you can use your free 25 email accounts on it, as many as you want, please go to and join from there.
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