Natural Treatments For Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a natural process occurring on a daily basis in the life of every human being. A normal human being can lose up to hundred strands of hair every day. However, this hair fall is never noticeable as an equal number of strands re-grow and replace the loss. An alarm is raised when the rate of hair loss is higher than the hair growth. The most common factors that can trigger hair loss among people can be genetic factors, advancing age, stress, tension, hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety and lack of proper hair care. Natural treatments for hair loss have worked wonders to cure this problem and reduce anxiety and tension related to hair fall problem.

A healthy lifestyle combined with a balanced diet, regular exercise, sound sleep, regular hair care regime and avoidance of any chemical cosmetic treatments on hair is the best treatment for hair loss.

Scalp massage: . Oil massage can stimulate blood circulation to the follicles in the hair and aids prevention of hair loss. Heat some natural oil like coconut, almond, olive, or canola oil to a warm state and massage it gently onto the scalp. Leave the hair for at least one hour before a bath.

Applying warm green tea bags on the scalp can help penetrate antioxidants into the hair follicles which can in turn prevent loss of hair and boost hair growth. External applications of aloe Vera, henna and other natural conditioners can also be very effective in stopping excessive hair fall.

Balanced diet: A nutritional diet plan is extremely beneficial for prevention of hair loss. Avoid junk foods and fatty diets totally from the diet plan. Proteins can help to strengthen hair and promote hair growth. A daily allowance of four to five servings of lentils, beans and lean meat products can prove nutritional for the hair. Anemia can also be a common cause of hair loss. Foods rich in iron content like almonds, spinach, Beetroot, red meat, whole wheat products, can be consumed to increase the rate of hair growth. Intake of 8-10 glasses of water every day can also work wonders for hair growth.

Regular exercise: Exercise plays a major part in prevention of natural hair loss. Exercises can improve blood circulation to all the parts of the body and keep it healthy. Meditation can reduce tension and stress and restore normal hormonal balance.

Sound sleep: Sleep can calm the mind, restore the body to a normal state and has a positive effect on the health of the hair. A sound and peaceful sleep of 6 to 8 hours a day can prove beneficial for every person.

Hair supplements: The advice of a medical practitioner is important before starting any supplements to stop hair loss. Saw Palmetto is one of the most common herbal supplements used for treating hair loss on top of the head and around temples. This supplement has proved effective in many instances and highly recommended by physicians all over the world in cases of extreme hair loss.


Natural treatments for hair loss have proven results and can work wonders if done on a regular and planned manner. Every method discussed above can trigger the growth of healthy hair and improve the confidence levels of a person.

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