Here's in 5 Steps a Proven and Tested Marketing Method

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A Chinese proverb goes like this: ” A thousand miles journey starts with a single step”. Taking a journey in an online business, also starts with a single step. But we want to take care that we take the straightest road to our destination, our goal.

A careful, most certainly tedious, yet indispensable preparation, precedes the steps to a successful business online. If not, it will be like guessing the road and, we may find ourselves at the starting point again. Going in circles is what most of us, if not everybody falls into at one point or another. It’s a trap that can be avoided, if we pay attention to our reason, rather than our emotions.

You certainly know where you are. you’ve got to know. But what do you want? It seems a senseless question, but how many people don’t know exactly what they want? If you think of it, if everybody knew what to do with their life early on, all it would be left would be to come up with a plan to just go for it.

At this point, I want to assume that the destination (goal) is clear in your mind, so here’s In 5 steps a proven and tested method to succeed online.

1 – Find a Market (niche). It’s where there are a group of people with similar interests. Although some suggest to dig deeper into micro niches, you must realize that then the market becomes smaller. That means less buyers. It is true that there is generally less competition, still you have to dominate in order to win a good share and come out with good profits. On the other hand in a big or mega market, where there are more buyers, regardless of competition, you can always find a way to make money. Also, in a good size market, there are most of the time related products to the original one you choose that you can further promote. For example: in the health market after a diet program, you can recommend an excercise program, and a self-help program.

2 – Choose a product (or service) – A simple way to select a product, is to make a search on Google. Look for millions. Higher the number higher the demand. So far that is a good sign. But to feel confident, look further. look for answers to questions like:

Are people advertising? Does the product have affiliates? That is also a good sign. Are they any PPC ads (Google adwords), even better. Nobody will risk consistently without results. Are they any articles or ebooks written about the product? You know that nobody writes without a purpose.

3 – Devise a strategy – That is the way you want to reach your market. here is where things can get out of control. The fact is that there are many choices. You should take into consideration especially two factors here.

One: that buying at first sight is rare ( ads, banners, emails, pop-ups…) It’s OK, but this is a one time event. Problem is that you have to keep up working to repeat the sales and you can’t count on steady results.

Two: there is a way to work once instead and get paid many times. That is a much preferable alternative. An automated system will do just that. That is in fact what most people expect from an internet business. The method is a follow-up email sequence. When you gain contact emails, your follow-up messages will do the job of winning the confidence and trust of your prospects. So making sales becomes easy. Even better, you then retain a list of buyers to whom you can further advertise.

4 – Capture your visitors – The best way to gain email addresses is with a squeeze page, a simple one page ad. You can use video or text. In doubt, stick with text. Your ad must be above the fold. That means that when visitors go to your page they can see the whole story right away, without scrolling. Your headline is important. It must get the attention. Even at this starting point of your strategy, don’t make promises you can’t keep. Make your case believable. Some kind of gift is expected in exchange. So have a gift related, that is in harmony with your product. For example in the case of a diet program, a report on walking to lose weight would be appropriate.

You don’t want to tell the whole story in your squeeze page. You don’t have the space anyway. The idea is to keep it brief arousing curiosity. A few bullet points with benefits must be included. Last, a call to action with a simple: “click here” or “subscribe” will do. As your visitors will entrust you with their email address, reassure them of their privacy.

5 – Traffic -Without it, you don’t exist. There are many free ways to drive traffic to your squeezepage . But some are a complete waste of time. For quicker results, if you can, mix some free with paid methods. Don’t fall for some miracle promising results. You may get what you’ve been promised, but the quality, not the quantity is what counts. For example one million (exaggerating) of freebie seekers, won’t do you any good. Even though you offer a freebie in your squeeze page, you get better quality when you're advertising to your interested target market I recommend you read the free report: The Truth About Traffic. It’ll go in details and explain why not all traffic is created equal and what are the good sources of traffic and the ones just wasting your time and money.

The steps are simple and they make sense, I am sure you agree. I don’t want to say they are easy, as they require careful attention. But, once you have those steps in place, you can be confident that you’ll reach your goal. I don’t claim it is a perfect system, but none is. Marketing is always a risk. But this method has been proven to work and bringing results.

I can assure you that with following these 5 steps strategy, you implement a well tested and proven marketing method. I must tell you though that (you may have guessed), there can be more expanding, refining,and even adding to those steps. I'll see to do that in time.

Need help with your online business? Not sure of the strategy? Don't fall for unrealistic promises. Avoid experimenting and testing. Follow a proven and tested marketing method. Gianfranco Focarelli always looking to identify the quickest way to results for a successful internet marketing experience. Please visit his blog at: and find proven marketing strategies and tactics.
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