Simple Facts about Polanight Teeth Whitening

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Polanight is a teeth whitening system that is very po[censored] r. This system is considered to be one of the most effective at making teeth whiter. It gives the customer the unique choice of three different strengths of cleansing solutions. It comes in a ten percent solution, a sixteen percent solution, and the strongest is a twenty two percent solution.

This teeth whitening system has been reported to be one of the gentlest cleansing kits that perform these actions. It contains soothers, a deluxe mixture of tooth conditioners and a high amount of water that causes the product to create less sensitivity in the mouths of the users. Fewer people complain of reddened gums or bleeding gums when using this product compared to many of the other products from the same category.

One thing that the Polanight does is to help maintain the hydration of the enamel of the tooth while it is performing the cleansing action. This can decrease the amount of tooth pain from sensitivity that people experience when they use it. It can also help to protect the enamel of the user and reduce damage from loss of enamel due to harsh chemicals.

This product has an extremely high viscosity which allows it to be placed into the mouthpiece or tray much easier than some of the other brands. You will find that due to the viscosity, the product is more evenly applied to the teeth and it stays where it is supposed to instead of running out of the tray and into your mouth.

A lot of people that have tried products designed to perform these jobs will tell you the taste of many of these cleaners is horrible. Fortunately this one has a spearmint base that causes it to not have an unpleasant taste in your mouth. The fresh spearmint taste will actually remain for a short time after the cleansing process is through leaving your mouth feeling pleasantly refreshed.

The product also contains fluoride that allows it to remineralize the surface of the tooth. This helps to reduce sensitivity during the process and the sensitivity that people report when they drink things that are really hot or cold. Some people say even the cold air in the winter that they breathe in hurts their teeth.

Along with the fluoride in the cleaner there are agents included to further aid in the desensitizing of the teeth. These agents are designed to act on the nerve endings to help minimize the sensation. They also desensitize the border around the pulp and the dentin of the tooth. This allows the user to experience maximum comfort while they perform their bleaching process.

Pregnant women must be cautioned to ask their doctor before they use anything like this product. Pregnant women often experience problems with their teeth and their gums during gestation and because of this they do not need to use any product without the consent of their doctor. The product has not been deemed harmful to pregnant women just the advice of a doctor is recommended due to individual responses.,,nvidia_net_416_xp.exe,vga_driver_nvidia_xp64_260.99whql.exe,VGA_NVIDIA_86.02_XPx86.zipWise Data Recovery is regarded as the most multi-functional software to undeleteing deleted photos. Wise Data Recovery can recover files (photo, word, e-mail, txt, etc.) that have been permanently deleted and marked as free space by the operating system.
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