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Published on is a website that offers to send free greetings and greeting postcards to anyone, anywhere living within India for Free. We are a Delhi based company and are offering our services FREE OF COST. That's right, NO cost for choosing, customizing and even mailing the free greeting postcard. We use theIndian Postal Service for posting the cards.

The process is very simple and even a novice can just log on and work their way through the website.

There are categories listed on the left bar on the Homepage, all you need is to choose your desired category. Next you need tofill in the form provided with your as well as the details of the receiver of the selected postcard. Then you can add your personal message to it and just submit the form. And Voila! you're done... Your personalized greeting will reach your destination within 7 working days!

One thing that must be kept in mind is that orderat least a week before the stipulated occasion as it takes minimum 2 working days to process your order and rest of the 5 days depends on the time taken by the Indian Postal Service. So check it out guys.. this is a cool way of bringing back the old times of sending paper greetings, that give the sense ofcaring, love, affection and acts like a remembrance for your loved one, rather than the e-card which just dies out within a week of viewing!

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For valentine’s day are offering a service of delivering flowers to your loved ones! All you need to have is a paypal account or a credit card to order.

You can go to the website, choose from the different bouquets listed on the website. Just select the one you want to send, add the details of the recipient to whom you wish to send the bouquet to, add a personal message for your loved one.. add the bouquet to the cart and proceed to checkout...!

Your bouquet will be delivered to the recipient of the flowers.. but please keep in mind

1. Please order 2-3 days in advance

2. Orders will be delivered within Delhi - NCR

3. Timing of the delivery is not fixed as it all depends on the traffic situation as well

4. Bouquets ordered are subject to availability.. there is a 1% chance that the exact flowers are not available but the number of flowers and the decoration will be the same.

5. Your card will be charged once the flowers are delivered..

So go ahead and order soon!

visit is our endeavor to relive those moments when we as youngsters experienced the craze and thrill of receiving and sending paper greetings to the people we loved and cared.. Let's re-create this experience again... let's be real...

I have an experience of 14 years in internet services, now i have started this unique service.. come be a part of it..


I have an experience of 14 years in internet services, now i have started this unique service.. come be a part of it.. visit
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