How to Get Rid of Uric Acid Symptoms With Cherries

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Gout symptoms are really the signs of having high uric acid levels in your blood. The symptoms of redness, heat, swelling, stiffness, inflammation, and excruciating pain, are caused by uric acid crystals in your joints.

Uric acid is produced when 'purines' in your body's cell structure and in your foods naturally metabolize. Normally your kidneys process and flush excess uric acid from your body, leaving sufficient beneficial acid in your blood to help look after your blood vessel linings, among other things.

High uric acid is caused by the inability of your kidneys to excrete enough uric acid from your body fast enough. These high levels often result in uric acid crystals forming in your joints, thus causing the symptoms of a gout attack.

As any gout sufferer knows, the 'uric acid' symptoms are so painful that you have to get rid of the pain as fast as is humanly possible.

And you can do this pretty effectively through drug-based medication, or, using totally natural home remedies, or, a combination of both.

Whichever route you choose -- and you should do this in consultation with your doctor -- you need to do three things; reduce the inflammation, relieve the pain, and, prevent future gout attacks.

The first two are obvious and pressing, but the third really needs to be considered at the same time as the first two. This is because repeat and regular gout attacks over a sustained period can have you ending up with serious joint damage, and even kidney problems such as agonizing kidney stones.

And because of the horrible side effects that drugs can produce for many people, gout victims are increasingly searching for natural remedies to get rid of the symptoms of high uric acid.

Here is a very po[censored] r natural home remedy for gout, that can reduce inflammation and so help relieve pain, plus, lower your uric acid levels.

Cherries for Gout

Cherries have anthocyanins which have natural anti-inflammatory properties. These are said to work in a similar way to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that your doctor would prescribe. And some other research suggests that they can also lower uric acid levels in your blood.

Take 30 to 40 cherries every four hours during an attack to help eliminate the uric acid symptoms. Eat 30 to 40 cherries a day, between attacks, to help maintain reduced uric acid and so help prevent recurring gout.

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