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Good Chinese translation is in great demand these days because China is the new economic powerhouse in the global economy. Possessing one of the largest industrial bases and consumer markets in the world, it is an eager partner for mutual prosperity with you in today’s world of economic challenge.

The key to your company’s success with Chinese partners and markets is accurate and easy to use Chinese translation services. Our rigorously selected translators are experienced in a useful range of commercial fields such as law, medicine, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing. Our certified translation services include expert government translation service, vital to business dealings in China.

Language Tran is good for American business in China for many reasons.


Our dependable translation services are provided by highly skilled certified Chinese translators, who have been helping banks, manufacturers, financial firms, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies with both their demanding technical translation and legal translation requirements.

Our superior staff members have been vigorously screened, with degrees in many demanding disciplines like engineering, law, medicine, computers, government, economics and business that our clients make skillful use of. We are good, and we are well prepared to take on your company’s document translation needs.

The Challenges

One of the biggest obstacles with Chinese - English translations is the lack of exposure to the English world of many Chinese translators. Far too often, this leads to painful and expensive misunderstandings with medical translations and business translations woefully missing the mark, and bankrupting the process. Our native-speaking Chinese translators can work at the level of English that our customers require so you can be sure you'll get the best quality Chinese translation from us.

All of our translations are proofread by editors to ensure the accuracy of the language translation from the original verbal or written source. We have in place top level translation service quality assurance procedures. These quality control processes are managed by experienced, trained linguists in English/Chinese and Chinese/English collaboration. This is all they do, and they do it excellently. They will represent your company well.

Many Dialects

The seven main and numerous other recognized dialects in China make knowledgeable and experienced translation services vital to your success. Let your competitors fall prey to the numerous and embarrassing pitfalls of not taking these regional, cultural, and political differences into consideration. Our highly trained, reliable, native speaking human translators are the ones to use for accuracy, understanding the numerous and unique cultures, as well as the idioms, grammar, and the difficult honorifics of the Chinese language.

Impact and Value

Our language translation company provides our customers with affordable, accurate translations in nearly every language. To get the invaluable Chinese translation capabilities that will enable you to prosper in the growing Chinese market, use LanguageTran.

You know your business. You know your opportunities in China, with Chinese business and the Chinese government. You can’t be worried about your quality of your translations if you want to succeed with Chinese business. Let us take care of the Chinese translation, and you take care of your business.

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