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Logos and trademarks are identification marks of businesses. They should be identifiable from the same of others. a strict legal procedure leads to their proper registration where other parties can also express objection.

A company's logo is it's identification mark, it's face. It is not just a picture or a design but also crucial in the growth of the company and securing it's position in the market. It helps consumers to connect with the company. Though the manufacturer plays a very important role in the creation of a demand, but the logo plays a crucial role in creating the demand and also in holding attention. People remember a company by it's logo.The logo affects what consumers conceive of that company. Sometimes, the same manufacturer might work for different companies or brands. Consumers are not always aware of these details. What they use to differentiate one from another is the logo. It is influential in the buying decision. Logos are active in the establishment of goodwill between the provider and the consumer of a product or service. They help the consumer to make a quick decision at times of purchase.

These logos or trademarks of a company in India need to be registered with the trademark registration India. They provide brand registration services and logo registration services. To solve any problems related to this issue one can hire trademarks attorneys India. They will be able to provide expert advice. First of all an application is to be made for the purpose of registration of the logo. This needs to be filed with the office of registrar of trademarks. It involves the payment of a certain amount of fees by the person who claims the ownership of rights and usage of the logo.

Before a trademark is fixed, it is always better that the people involved do some homework and do free trademarks search. This application is then checked by the registrar to see that it is not conflicting with any other similar one done earlier. The registrar can choose to select or reject the application. If it is accepted, it is sent for publication. If it cannot be approved outright a hearing is called and on failure to turn up for which leads to cancellation of the application.

If someone is dissatisfied with the decision of the registrar, he or she can approach the intellectual property appellate board. Once approved the logo is published in the Trademark journal for three months. During this time anyone who wishes to oppose it's usage can file a complaint expressing their opposition. In such a case both parties receive notices for hearings called by a hearing officer. Both are asked to present evidence/s to support their argument and eventually a decision is arrived at. If all goes well, one just needs to ensure that the logo is renewed once in every ten years. There is a fee that needs to be paid for renewal.

When someone wishes to get a logo registered as a trademark, they should be able to represent it graphically. There should be enough difference from other manufacturers as well. The trademark maybe cancelled if it is not used for five years.

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