Denture Cream Lawsuit: Denture Cream Poisoning

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The use of major brand denture creams including Fixodent and Poligrip have ended up costing many people large sums of money. The use of these creams has even changed people's lives for the worst. People who have suffered from high levels of zinc should seek the compensation that they deserve by seeking out a malpractice attorney or lawyer that specialize in the current denture cream lawsuit. Lawyers and attorneys are currently working together to examine the legal means through a potential denture cream lawsuit to help protect those that use denture creams. These lawyers and attorneys are working together to try to make people aware of the risks of denture cream poisoning.

Many users of denture creams are completely unaware of the risks and dangers of denture creams because there are no warnings on the boxes or tubes of denture creams. Even worse is that the denture cream companies do not list the ingredients on the denture cream tubes therefore users of denture creams are usually unaware of the high levels of zinc found in the product. It has been proven that denture cream poisoning can have very severe and dangerous side effects. The poisoning is causes by the large amounts of zinc, which is a heavy metal, found within the creams. It is possible for zinc poisoning to lead to a very serious condition known as neuropathy.

Neuropathy is a disorder that can seriously affect the nerves causing many symptoms that are frightening and extremely dangerous. There are many different symptoms that offer from denture cream poisoning including difficulty walking, fatigue and loss of feeling in the extremities including your hands, toes and fingers. If you suffer from these symptoms then you should get yourself tested for Neuropathy. You should have the levels of zinc and copper in your blood stream checked. You should contact a physician to determine whether or not you are suffering from neuropathy. If you are suffering from neuropathy then you should consider finding an attorney and filing a denture cream lawsuit against the denture cream company.

Attorneys are preparing to file a denture cream lawsuit against major denture cream companies such as those that created Super PoliGrip and Fixodent in order for innocent victims of denture cream poisoning in order to receive compensation from the life altering changes and pains that they may suffer. If you wish to receive compensation then you should visit the Denture Cream Poisoning website and fill out the form in order to receive a free legal evaluation. You will have to visit a doctor and get tested. You will need to have your zinc and copper levels tested before your claims can be assessed. This will help you get involved in the denture cream lawsuit.

It is estimated that over eighteen million people from all around the world wear dentures and use denture creams in order to keep their dentures secure in place. Until recent times it was believed that denture cr
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