Childcare Workers Fight To Keep The Head Lice Under Control

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It is one of the biggest fears of child care workers.

Head lice!

If you are one of the many child care workers providing care for children then one little case of head lice can bring agony for your entire brood.

It can bring head scratching like none other.

It is a well known fact that head lice can spread very quickly through a group of children.

Part of the reason for the easy ability to spread quickly is the fact that children are known to be very good at sharing, particularly at sharing things like hats, combs, ribbons and all of that can easily lead to the transfer of head lice.

With head lice it is important that you have standard policies to follow in your child care environment so that you are able to quickly work to notify every parent to make sure that everyone is aware of the potential outbreak of lice infestation.

Parents should be able to easily identify the presence of lice on their child's head.

You should be well informed so that you are able to accurately address any parental concerns that may arise. Both you and parents should be well informed about how head lice can and cannot spread. You might also consider distributing as part of your enrollment paperwork a brochure or information sheet on head lice.

As with any outbreak it is important with an outbreak of head lice that you take immediate action.

You must notify parents of all children so that they can be looking for head lice on their child. If they locate head lice they should notify you as well.

The majority of head lice cases are easily treated with over-the-counter head lice removing shampoo as opposed to more toxic agents such as Nix Shampoo.

It is important to use the least offensive method to kill the head lice so that you do not unnecessarily expose children to powerful chemicals.

In your informational material regarding head lice you should also consider including information about the chemical known as Lindane. Parents must avoid any head lice treatment containing this chemical since it has been known to cause severe side effects including death when used on children.

So childcare worker, if you have diagnosed one of your students with a case of head lice be sure to immediately contact the parents.

You should also assess all other children in your class for head lice as well. Also remind the children to let you know if they have an itchy scalp.

This is also a perfect time to educate the children about sharing personal items such as hats, ribbons, caps, or combs so that they are well aware of how easily it had lice can be transmitted.

Dealing with head lice outbreaks can certainly be an irritating and upsetting matter to have to handle. But most cases are easily remedied.

Remember to reassure both parents and children and when the head lice has been resolved welcome your student back with open arms.

Yes, childcare workers have a tough battle watching out for and addressing head lice, but with a little perseverance it is a battle easily won.

For more important information on getting rid of head lice be sure to visit where you will find advice and tips on diagnosing head lice and removing those annoying critters.
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