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A car insurance directory is a great resource to the British motorists looking for car insurance protection that offers high value and great benefits as well as reasonable and affordable premiums. A car insurance directory is a list of insurance brokers or agents in the business of providing coverage for motorists.

A good car insurance directory may have hundreds, or even thousands of broker listings. Brokers are usually listed by location so customers know where to find them. Some broker directories list general brokers or brokers offering a variety of insurance protections. Others are more specific directories that list brokers offering services to of a niche nature. Regardless of the content, a customer should be able to look through a directory and clearly tell what type of service provider each broker is.

Along with offering an organized list of insurance services and providers, a car insurance directory can also offer peace of mind to motorists. Insurance brokers in the UK have been regulated for a few years. This means that brokers must follow established policies and procedures outlined by the Financial Services Administration (FSA). Thus, to be listed in a credible directory, an insurance broker must have been approved by the FSA based on its ability to meet the prescribed standards.

Along with the FSA, trade associations like BIBA and IIB, also have strong standards and requirements for member brokers. Therefore, directories often note that providers included in the directory are members of a particular trade associate, and have been approved by the FSA. The benefit to customers of the regulations for brokers is the security that they are required to uphold specific ethical and business practice standards designed to protect consumers.

As well as listing general brokers or insurance agents, some niche directories list insurers by target market or niche coverage products. For instance, some directories list available insurers for young drivers, students, women, business users, and the like. Other car insurance directory listings provide information about coverage for taxis, classic cars, kit cars, 4X4 vehicles, customer cars, or other unique autos.

The main benefit of a car insurance directory is the ability for a motorist to quickly find access to a broker, insurance agents or service provider that has the type of coverage desired. By quickly finding the names and location of certain types of car insurance providers, customers can efficiently search quotes to learn about benefits and costs available. Without using a car insurance directory, the process of searching through brokers, insurance agents and service providers can be extremely exhausting and tedious. Given that motorists want peace of mind from their car insurance, a stressful search for the right coverage and costs is contradictory to reaching that goal.

While there are several print directories, the growth of the internet has helped lead to a large collection of online car insurance directories. One of the advantages with an online car insurance directory is that it is often searchable. This enables customers to narrow their search to providers with certain benefits. Additionally, online directories are very easy to sort through.

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