C5 C6 Herniated Disc

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The spinal column is identified with various numbers to help doctors know precisely where a problem area lies. The C5 and C6 vertebrae are located in the cervical or neck area of the spine. A C5 C6 herniated disc can be a very painful problem, but is not one that is impossible to deal with.

Generally speaking a C5 C6 herniated disc can be caused by a few things. A major one is injury, like a car accident, a sports injury (like from football or gymnastics), or a high fall. Another is the slow decay of time. Spinal discs degenerate as time wears on, which makes them more susceptible to damage and herniation.

So, what is the best way to deal with a C5 C6 herniated disc? Everyones different, but there are a few things that have been known to help a number of people. Some people may first reach for pain killers to help dull the pain. However, this isnt terribly efficient at relieving the root cause of the pain, and it will just keep coming back, prompting you to keep reaching for pain killers. This can be particularly problematic because pain killers come with their own set of nasty problems, like ulcers, addiction and liver damage.

To avoid this destructive scenario, some people opt for steroid injections or surgery. However, this isnt always the best option either. Both approaches are expensive, and highly invasive.

So, what is a herniated disc sufferer to do? Well, you can try inversion therapy for one. In fact, that method has a 70% success rate, which is pretty good, considering the technique is just starting to gain notoriety and po[censored] rity. It involves a table like device that you lie down on. It makes it possible for you to be completely inverted so that gravity can help naturally align your spinal column with very little negative impact on your body. In fact, this technique is so safe you can try it in your home without the supervision of a physical therapist. To take a look at your options as far as which home inversion table is right for you, visit www.losethebackpain.com. The Healthy Back Institute even offers free shipping, so you really have nothing to lose but your herniated disc pain.

Exercise is another excellent way to help your herniated disc heal, and keep it from coming back. By building strong muscles around the area you can help support your spinal column from within, thus preventing future injuries. Things like walking, swimming, yoga and stretching can help strengthen your neck, shoulders and core. When practiced regularly they can also help manage things like heart disease, obesity, stress, and high blood pressure to name a few. The Healthy Back Institute provides a range of resources, including instructional DVDs and books, filled with exercises, tips and tricks to help you achieve and maintain a healthy back.

For more information on a C5 C6 herniated disc, visit www.losethebackpain.com to explore what The Healthy Back Institute has to offer you.

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