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Are you looking at advertising for hiring opportunities? Well then you have come to the right place. There are many positions in the exciting world of advertising that can prove to be greatly challenging and exciting.

If you are creative, if you have a passion for the unconventional and can work under strict deadlines, then this career is for you. There are many jobs in this field to suit people of different temperaments. In this article we shall give you an estimate of the advertising job opportunities.


This is one of the most important jobs in advertising. You are required to do all the work for the text body of the advertisement in this kind of job. You will have to formulate slogans and catch phrases for a particular product or service. This kind of job also requires you to have a sharp mind in order to know what catch phrase suits where.

It is also very important for a copywriter to have a good knowledge of the customs and cultures he is writing for. One catch line might be taken very well for one particular culture but it might not work at all in another culture.

For instance, the catch phrase which you can use in the US might not work in India. Every one of the phrases or text body has to be tailor made for the particular culture and target audience.

Creative Art Department

This is one of the main departments without which advertising is incomplete. If you have a mind to spot out the unusual, the unique or if you have a great hand for painting, you can join this department. Advertising jobs in this sector pay around $14,000 and $18,000. To be a winner in this sector you need to have great skills of visual communication and a strong knowledge of the current trends in advertising.

Like copywriting, you will be required to generate creative copies for both the broadcast and print media. You will also be required to work with the copywriter in order to generate great verbal and visual content. There is a series of steps required from the primary sketch to the final production. You will also have to oversee your copy through these stages.

Research Department

Hiring for advertising jobs for this sector is usually done on research project director, associate research director, research account executive, research department manager and advertising research director. This is one of the highest paid jobs of the advertising field with salaries in the range of $30,000 and $55,000. This is also one of the toughest jobs of the advertising department.

This section mainly deals with methodology, project design, mathematical modeling and statistical applications. This research is used in determining the target audience for the product. This is then used in the preparation of the ad with the copywriters and the creative artists and photographers.

If you are looking at advertising for hiring opportunities then you will never be bored of the different things you could do in this field. Lots of people are joining advertising for hiring prospects provided by this field.

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