Add Shock Value Into PC-Based DVR Security Systems With Physical Alarms

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The best PC-based DVR security systems are integrated with very effective physical alarms. You might not believe it, but ordinary everyday things like strobe lights and sirens can be great alarms for your security system at home. Read on to know why.

Shock Intruders With Strobe Lights and Sirens

You might be wondering what strobe lights are. Well, have you seen those bright lights that blink to the beat of the music in clubs? How about those bright flashing white lights in rock concerts? Yes, those are strobe lights.

You can use these lights to catch the attention of your neighbors when you security system trips off. You can place strobe lights in strategic places inside your home to make it more effective. Of course, you have to tell your neighbors about it so that they would understand that something's wrong when they see blinking lights in your living room.

Also, you can mount strobe lights around your home so the police will know where the intruder was last seen. You can even use sirens to really shock would-be trespassers. This way, your alarms are not only visual, but auditory, too. Using physical alarms in PC-based DVR security systems is not an easy task, so you may have to consult a professional to help you.

Protect Your Physical Alarms

It would be a great idea to encase your strobes and sirens to keep it from being vandalized. Most strobe lights and sirens come with protective casings when you buy them. But if they do not, you should buy one, or let a plastics designer manufacture one for you. However, custom-made enclosures tend to be very expensive. Keep in mind, though, that the most secure homes are protected by very effective PC-based DVR security systems. So you really have to make an investment if you want to keep your family safe.

Buy what You Can Afford

While it is true that efficient PC-based DVR security systems can cost much, you do not have to burn your money on strobe lights and sirens. Go back to the basics. Buy the brightest strobes and the loudest sirens that your money can afford. Since using physical alarms with your security system will require a little tinkering, it may be a good idea to ask the guys at the electronics shop if this will not disqualify product warranties. You can also refer to the products' manual for the terms and conditions of the warranty. At least, you can ask for a refund when the lights and sirens that you have purchased will not work with your security system at home.

Keep in mind that putting physical alarms into PC-based DVR security systems is a task that is not meant for the ordinary Joe. Connecting wires, hooking up cables, and software synchronization require lots of skill. Working with an expert means more expenses for you. Nevertheless, physical alarms are entirely optional. Suffice to say, an effective DVR surveillance system is enough to keep your home safe.

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