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An economic downturn needn't spell disaster for your small business. In fact, some analysts suggest that such periods actually offer a number of opportunities for those who are willing to embrace them. At the present time, your focus may well be on the survival of your business.

In many senses, such a reaction can be seen as being easy to understand. Faced by uncertainty, it's natural that we should think about taking some safe options. The idea of maintaining existing income levels can seem appealing and allows you to try and protect your current lifestyle. But there may be a danger that you are ignoring other opportunities.

You may feel comfortable with the manner in which your business is currently being conducted, but it's likely that improvements can be made. If you believe that you are standing still, then there's a chance that things are actually about to head in the wrong direction. To a certain extent, this is because you have little control over how your competitors choose to behave.

If you're suddenly faced with increased competition, then how would you handle the challenge? The key is to think about how you can enable your business to grow. The first step usually involves drawing up a suitable strategy, which can be expected to produce the growth that you desire. Although things won't always go according to plan, there is great strength to be found in having a suitable, structured approach in place.

To begin with, you need to think about the way in which you currently do business. Be objective when considering the strengths and weaknesses of your existing approach. There will certainly be some things that could be done better: this is something that is true of any organisation. You may want to consider the way in which you gain and retain customers.

It doesn't matter how great your products and services are, the reality is that the relative health of your company will be defined by your customer base. Attracting new customers is part of the challenge and you should expect to set aside some sort of budget for this task. If you can get the sales and marketing side of things right, then it's clear that you'll put yourself in a strong position.

How should you approach these challenges? Increasingly, many businesses have started to look at the way in which they carry out online marketing. What is clear is that an increasing number of consumers do use the Internet as a first port of call. This means that you need to have a suitably high profile if you want to increase customer numbers and sales levels.

Don't make the mistake, however, of ignoring the fact that there are other ways to build a presence. Your overall marketing mix should reflect the fact that you can attract customers in a variety of ways.

Have you also thought about your internal systems? Gaining customers is wonderful, but keeping them happy is at least as important. If you don't have the right organisation in place, then you'll find that hard to achieve.

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