A Criminal Lawyer on Self-Defense: Retreat is Always an Option

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Last February, an Orlando neighborhood watchman shot an unarmed teenager who just came back from the convenience store late at night. The watchman argued that he acted on grounds of self-defense, a right every American has. A month later, the issue still stirs up the beehive as two sides of the coin struggled to resolve the matter.

The right of self-defense is simply the right to fight fire with fire when a person's life is in danger. US law indicates that the victim can use deadly force only when the situation calls for it, and the option of retreat is out of the question. The case mentioned above, the Trayvon Martin case, is a challenge for the provision on self-defense. Did the watchman really shoot the teen on grounds of self-defense?

The watchman, George Zimmerman, told police that the teen, Trayvon Martin, attacked him all of a sudden. Zimmerman cried for help but nobody was around to lend aid. As he said his life was in danger, he pulled out his 9mm pistol and shot Martin in the chest.

The people who heard or saw the shooting, however, told a different story – and that's where it gets knotty. For instance, the mother of a thirteen-year-old witness said her child didn't see any form of struggle between Zimmerman and Martin. Another group of onlookers also confirmed the thirteen-year-old's claims, saying the watchman never tried to help the teen in any way.

The question on what really happened that night of February 26 still continues, the two parties struggling to defend their claim. A good criminal attorney Utah has to offer says deadly force should only be used as an extreme last resort. In other words, when a person fires his salvo, it is a good reason for you to fire back. Whether he's the victim or culprit, human life is still top priority in any situation.

Also, a reliable criminal lawyer Utah residents trust says that the duty to retreat and call for help is better than pulling the trigger. There's no shame in seeking the safety of the law, as you will be free of the liability of killing the criminal. It will also make your claim for just compensation more solid.

If you want to know the details of the Trayvon Martin case, you can read the stories at CNN.com and MSNBC.com. You be the judge as to who should be liable for the incident that continues to rock America. Ask a criminal defense attorney Utah has to offer to know your rights.

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