Lightning Season: How To Avoid Data Loss

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We have just entered the time of year that most electrical storms occur.
Sudden loss of power, power surges, and electrical spikes are all very common causes of computer damage.
(In this case, your hard drive to be specific.) Every component inside of your computer can be replaced. Your data however, can not!
There is no way to stop Mother Nature however; there are some precautionary measures that can be taken to save your computer from these types of damaging electrical storms.
The staff at Eco Data Recovery, located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (the lightning capitol of the world) offers the following suggestions to keep your computer and hard drive safe from Mother Nature:
1.) Plug your computer into a battery backup/UPS. (UPS = Uninterrupted Power Supply)
If a power outage does occur, a computer plugged into a battery backup will continue to run for several minutes giving you time to shut down the system properly.
2.) Use a surge protector.
A surge protector will prevent a power spike from burning out the mother board, hard drive, power supply and other drives. (Internal drives, or even an external USB powered drive)
These protective units are inexpensive and can save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs.
Brian Cain, data recovery consultant at suggests If your computer is unprotected from power issues and you know there is a storm headed your way -shut down your computer if possible, disconnect the power cable and telephone line until the storm passes.
If your computer has already experienced some sort of electrical damage and the hard drive seems to be dead, don't fret. The engineers at Eco Data Recovery have experienced this problem every season for over 10 years and are prepared to help.
Most people opt for the least costly method possible to recover their data. This is usually a software solution.
There are many data recovery software options available to the public however, software will do nothing for a drive that won't power up or that has a physical problem. The physical problems must first be overcome before any sort of recovery of your data can take place.
Eco Data Recovery has the equipment and expertise to overcome these issues.
When a company experiences data loss it usually means down time and down time means lost revenue.
The experts at Eco Data Recovery can help to get your business up and running in a timely manner.
About Based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. is committed to delivering the most cost effective solutions for expert data recovery services. has been using their advanced technology and expertise to recover data for corporations and individuals alike for over 10 years. This company utilizes multiple world wide networks to source parts if needed. Delivering retrieved data in a timely manner, fanatical customer support, and confidentiality of client data is what keeps their clients' coming back.Links:
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