Fleetronix Fleet Management System

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The Fleetronix fleet management system has fast become an indispensable part of any fleet organization. It empowers fleet managers with the ability to track and manage vehicles remotely with the click of a button. With the recent surge in fuel prices especially during the summer season compounded with stiff competition between rival fleet owners, profits and revenue are continuing to suffer. This competitive atmosphere and challenging economic condition continue to deter fleet owners from increasing profit margins. Customers and business prospects are lessened in this recovering economy. Now more than ever, Fleet managers need to focus on increasing ROI. The most effective measure in combating this economic storm is to reduce daily operating costs and by raising productivity.

This is where the Fleetronix fleet management application plays a pivotal role. This innovative web-based solution works like a tireless sentinel and maintains a constant vigil on all vehicles in a customers fleet. This GPS tracking system can be utilized with or without Personal Navigation Devices (PND) and is easily and covertly mounted in each vehicle to become instantly connected with the web-application command center. Combined with optional onboard computer diagnostic devices, the system has the ability to record and store numerous critical vehicular parameters. These parameters can then be accessed online through the web-application for further analysis and fleet visibility.

The Fleetronix fleet management application performs a wide range of functions. It records, updates and displays the current location of each vehicle in the web-application command center. As a result, fleet managers know the exact location of any vehicle in the fleet at any given time. This easy-to-use and robust feature allows easy tracking of the vehicle and provides fleet visibility to fleet managers, including any deviation from the determined route. The Fleetronix fleet management system maintains complete records of fuel consumed during a given timeframe, duration of stops, total running time of the vehicle, speed of the vehicle and total time taken to complete the trip. These are only some of the great features used to deter drivers from following unsafe driving practices, like speeding and aggressive driving. The risk of accidents and associated insurance liabilities to the company can become greatly minimized. Moreover, the company can avoid having to pay hefty fines for drivers reckless or negligent driving.

The Fleetronix GPS tracking system is an extension of the fleet management system, which acts like onboard sentinel silently keeping watch over the activities of the driver. The system promotes safer driving behavior from the driver and considerably reduces the frequency of vehicle breakdown due to maintenance neglect. These measures help increase the active lifespan of the vehicle and reduce downtime. Fuel expenses plummet due to better route selection and efficient management of vehicles. With the Fleetronix fleet management application maintaining a close vigil on different engine parameters of the vehicle, drivers become discouraged from running the engine in idle mode. Idle-running reduces engine life and increases fuel consumption.

Thus, using the Fleetronix fleet management system increases engine life and reduces annual maintenance bills by considerable amounts. As a result, clients will have access to longer-lasting vehicles for a greater period of time which can be used to increase productivity and output. All of these measures reduce asset turnover and increases cash flow into company.

The Fleetronix fleet management application keeps complete historical records of the drivers history, routines and driving behaviors. It clearly highlights unauthorized stops and provides fleet mangers solid proof of historical vehicle locations. Armed with this information, managers can refute or validate overtime claims by drivers. In turn, payroll and benefit expenses can financially become reduced.

In short, a customized fleet management system is a vital tool necessary for fleet owners to streamline their fleet operations and resources, in order to push up their return on investment.
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